The 247Solar plant is a LOW-pressure Brayton cycle power tower system that converts sunlight to heat, which in turn powers an off-the- shelf microturbine to produce electricity.

How It Works

247Solar plants generate electricity 24/7 at costs competitive with all other forms of power generation, while overcoming most disadvantages of existing conventional and renewable sources. They store energy as heat at a fraction of the cost of batteries and use no water/steam, oils or molten salts.

247Solar Plant Design

Each plant requires as little as 4 acres and can be built on uneven ground. They can be deployed as a single, off-grid system of 400 kilowatts or as large utility-scale farms. Co-location with PV and wind farms can convert entire facilities from intermittent output to 24/7 power.


Less expensive to build per kWh than PV, 247Solar plants offer low CAPEX and O&M costs and attractive margins. They require minimal custom engineering, using mostly proven components for reduced risk and relative ease of financing.

Core Components

247Solar plants use mostly commercially-proven components that are mass-producible and can be manufactured locally in many cases. Simple components with few moving parts means local talent can easily operate and maintain the system.

White Papers

Detailed insight into our techology is available.