247Solar Plants are modular, mass produced, waterless, and produce electricity 24/7, regardless of the weather. Many modules can be combined into large systems

How 247Solar Plants Work

Factory-produced components of the 247Solar Plant TM include an off-the- shelf microturbine package, a standard tower of ~125 feet (~35m), a proprietary 247Solar Receiver TM on top of the tower, a "silo" like container of dry thermal energy storage materials (the 247Solar Thermal Storage System TM ), and third-party, ground-mounted heliostats to track the sun and shine their reflected light up to the receiver.

The 247Solar Receiver collects about 1500 suns of concentrated solar energy from the heliostats.  The Receiver heats air passing through it to about ~1800 °F (970 °C). Some of the hot air heats the turbine's compressor air, and the super-heated compressed air powers the microturbine, which spins a generator to produce electricity.  Natural gas or biofuels (e.g., from landfills) provides backup power.  The system uses no water/steam, salts, oils, hydrogen or helium.


The hot air from the Receiver that is not used to power the turbine is blown through the 247Solar Thermal Storage System where it heats firebrick or small pieces of ceramic to ~1800 °F (970 °C). When the sun isn't shining, air is blown through the hot Thermal Storage to heat the turbine's compressor air. This super-heated compressed air powers the microturbine, which spins a generator to produce electricity. If desired, fuel can be used to power the turbine in a conventional fashion when the Thermal Storage is depleted and the sun is not shining.

Dozens or hundreds of 247Solar Plants can be combined into utility-scale power projects of 10s, 100s or 1000s of megawatts.  Individual Plants can be located close to where their electricity is used, reducing transmission costs and improving the quality of service to the users of the power.  Numerous Plants, coupled with solar storage and fuel backup, provide exceptionally reliable power 24/7 in infinitely variable increments in response to variable demand.  247Solar Plants also offer lower-cost repetitive maintenance, rapid engineering and permitting, and quick erection and commissioning. They can be remotely monitored and operated, often requiring no on-site personnel.


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