A Turn Key System For Unlimited Solar Power, Regardless of Weather

For 24/7 operation, the initial 247Solar Plant TM is a single 400 kilowatt module with 13 hours of thermal energy storage. Alternatively, for morning and/or evening peaking operation, 247Solar Plants can be shipped with a 1 megawatt turbine and store 4-6 hours of solar heat during the day for use during peak demand hours.

These are the core components:

This is made possible by an innovative high-temperature heat exchanger that is the most compact and materials-efficient for its capacity in the world. Based on an exclusive design from supplier Capstone Turbines, the 247Solar Heat Exchanger™ is manufactured using a remarkable nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy – HAYNES® 214® — designed to provide ultra-high temperature performance while allowing for conventional forming and joining.

The unique heat exchanger and turbine design also allows 247Solar Plants to operate using the hot exhaust from many industrial processes, making them particularly well suited to industrial applications. Heat that was previously wasted can now be used to produce electricity, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Here’s a photo of our turbine and heat exchanger – one of several breakthrough components that make 247Solar Plants an ideal solution for producing round-the-clock clean power without batteries or backup gensets.

Heliostats track the sun and reflect about 1500 times the power of a single sun onto the 247Solar Receiver. Air is heated when it passes through the receiver. The low-pressure proprietary design enables lower cost, higher efficiency, and much larger solar receivers than currently exist. Larger receivers can power larger turbines for larger 247Solar Plant sizes, which typically yield higher efficiencies and lower costs, while also delivering extra heat to the 247Solar Thermal Storage System TM for use when the sun is not shining.

The proprietary 247Solar System configuration, in which components are connected in a specific way with each other, enables pre- engineered modules that are much higher power sizes than have been possible before. It also enables some of the heat from the 247Solar Receiver to be diverted to the 247Solar Thermal Storage System™ for later use when the sun is not shining.  The high-temperature, dry storage medium costs less than 20% of electric battery storage. It can be sized to store between 2 and 20 hours of power, depending on the operating requirements of the owner.

The hot air from the 247Solar Receiver passes through the high-temperature 247Solar Heat Exchanger™, which heats the high-pressure air from the compressor The super-heated, compressed air then passes through the turbine blades, forcing them to spin extremely fast. The spinning shaft of the turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. Initially, 247Solar Plants use proven, commercially-available microturbine packages.   However, Wilson Solarpower Corporation is developing the ultra-efficient MIT-invented Wilson Microturbine™ for future deployment.  It will be made of ceramics instead of metal 27 and will have an efficiency that is ~50% greater than metal turbines. This leap in efficiency will significantly reduce system costs, as well as the cost of the power that the system produces.