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World Economic Forum: There is no future for business as usual

According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, we are reaching irreversible tipping points for nature and climate. This involves not just climate change, but biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse that threaten as much as $44 trillion in business value—over half of global GDP—because of the dependence of business on nature and its services.

The good news is that these same conditions create tremendous opportunity. The authors identify 15 systemic transitions within three socio-economic systems—food, land and ocean use; infrastructure and the built environment; and energy and extractives—that together have the potential to offer annual business cost savings and revenue opportunities worth $10 trillion and create 395 million jobs by 2030. They see opportunities to create $3.5 trillion in value and 87 million jobs in the energy and extractives sector alone.

What can mining companies do to realize these opportunities? Collaborate with stakeholders across the economy to develop what the authors call a "nature-positive" extractives and energy system. The report identifies four complementary "transitions" that can, together, place the energy and extractives system on a pathway towards nature-positive development:

  • circular and resource-efficient models of production
  • nature-positive metals and mineral extraction practices
  • sustainable materials supply chains
  • energy transition toward renewables and away from fossil fuels

The authors are realistic that achieving these transitions cannot be done by business action. However, there are practical common steps they suggest that every business can take:

  • Identify the transitions that are relevant to them and the role they can play in leading or supporting them.
  • Adopt and implement appropriate voluntary corporate policies and best practices regarding their impact on nature and promote these policies and best practices among their suppliers, customers, and other business partners.
  • Explore potential public-private cooperation opportunities across sectors to create the critical mass of change agents required to tip markets and value chains towards nature-positive models.
  • Once a portfolio of initiatives and partners has been developed, determine the mix of enablers that would unlock success— including new capital investment.
  • Pursue technological innovation to drive improved asset optimization, and thus reduce the need for infrastructure and resources.

The report's executive summary concludes:

We are at a critical juncture for the future of human societies: we face an unprecedented global humanitarian and health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic while the hour is late to stave off the worst of the climate and nature crises. A clear commitment to building back better will be needed from business, government and individuals, or what fragile pandemic recovery we achieve will both lack the resilience provided by nature, and face ever increasing climate risks.

Thanks to mining.com for bringing this compelling report to our attention.

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A simple, reliable turnkey solution for continuous clean electricity without diesel gensets

Before now, sources of clean power were unreliable. Electricity was available only when the sun was shining or the wind was blowing. Storage was expensive. Storing energy for later use required costly batteries. Backup generators were still needed. Off-grid PV and wind installations required diesel generators to provide power around the clock under all weather conditions. Today, continuous clean electricity is a reality - day and night in any weather.


247Solar Plants™ are the heart of the world’s most economical renewable energy solution for off-grid mining applications.

  • 247Solar Plants™ readily integrate with other power generation and management technologies.
  • 247Solar Plants store up to 20 hours of the sun’s energy as heat instead of electricity, at less than 5% the cost of batteries.
  • 247Solar Plants supply constantly changing loads with highly responsive baseload power.
  • PV, wind and batteries provide power for variable loads.
  • 247Solar’s turbines can burn a variety of fuels if needed, eliminating the need for diesel gensets and reducing fuel costs 70-90+%.
  • 247Solar Plants can also provide industrial grade heat up to 970℃ (1800℉) for ore processing, steam generation and other applications.
  • Contact us to learn more.