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Combining breakthrough low-cost wind and long-duration storage technologies

Great Falls, VA, USA and Bristol, England

247Solar Inc., a US-based spinoff of MIT, along with UK-based STAG-tech, a supplier of low-cost, containerised wind turbines, today announced a collaboration agreement to combine STAG-Tech’s innovative compact wind turbines with 247Solar’s HeatStorE™ long-duration thermal battery to provide turnkey, round-the-clock clean power solutions for a wide range of off-grid applications.

STAG-Tech’s innovative, lightweight turbines capture the fastest wind speeds at significantly lower cost than conventional large turbines. Packed into a 40-foot shipping container, STAG-Tech’s turbines can be transported to all but the most remote locations via standard freight truck. Minimal concrete foundations make installation fast and affordable. The tilt-up turbines can be raised in under an hour, lowered again for storm protection, and easily relocated, preventing stranded assets.

247Solar’s HeatStorE operates almost like an electrochemical battery but has significant advantages at longer durations. Electric resistance coils use electricity from wind or PV to heat inexpensive silica sand. Energy is thereby stored as ultra-high temperature heat (up to 1000℃/1850℉) for up to 20 hours at a fraction of the cost of batteries. When needed, a specialized turbine reconverts the heat to electricity. Uniquely, 247Solar’s innovative turbine can do this without combustion, as atmospheric-pressure air is passed through the thermal storage and heated to sufficient temperature to drive the turbine and generate electricity without burning fuel.

By adding an external combustor, the battery can produce fully dispatchable backup power 24/7/365 by also burning a variety of fuels, including hydrogen. This enables customers to replace traditional diesel gensets at remote locations and realize 24/7 highly reliable operation with increased renewables penetration, significant fuel savings, and dramatically lower lifetime operating costs.

Together, the two systems provide an excellent complement to solar PV, enabling customers to reduce their reliance on costly electrochemical batteries & diesel gensets, thereby drastically reducing their Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE).

“We are very pleased to be working with 247Solar, a fellow distributed energy innovator. Our first planned collaboration will be the first of many exciting projects to help reduce electricity costs, GHG emissions, and improve the reliability of C&I microgrids around the world,” says Sean Zamick, STAG-Tech CEO.

Bruce Anderson, CEO of 247Solar, says, “STAG-Tech shares our goal of producing low-cost, factory-built emissions-free energy solutions that are scalable, easy to install and inexpensive to maintain. We look forward to working with them at mines, industrial sites and rural electrification projects throughout the world.”

About 247Solar

247Solar, Inc., with origins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and with funding support from the US Department of Energy, is commercializing multiple breakthrough inventions that together comprise an ambitious Ultra-High-Temperature Solar Technology Platform. These technologies can be combined in a variety of ways with diverse applications in what is rapidly becoming the world’s largest industry—mitigating climate change. These applications include:

  • Low cost, long-duration battery storage for grids with 24/7 dispatchability
  • 24/7 dispatchable, emissions-free electricity and heat
  • Recycling waste heat from industrial processes to produce electricity without emissions

247Solar technologies are modular, scalable and factory-produced, and they are easily incorporated into a wide variety of business models and revenue streams.

For more information, please contact:

Bruce N. Anderson, CEO

About STAG-Tech

STAG-Tech is a wind turbine manufacturer, installer and innovator based in the UK. Our primary focus is producing low-cost, clean electricity for the distributed energy market in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Australasia.

We use innovative technologies to catalyse the energy transition towards clean energy and provide affordable access to people and businesses who have unreliable, unaffordable or non-existent access to electricity.

Due to its low Levelised Cost of Energy, containerised transport and rapid crane-less installation, our wind turbines are ideally suited for grid-edge/off-grid energy consumers such as mines, industry, agriculture and energy access; complementing solarPV and offsetting expensive/polluting diesel and battery.

For more information about the company, please visit