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247Solar CEO Bruce Anderson To Speak at China International CSP Conference

247Solar CEO Bruce Anderson will address the 6th Annual China International CSP Conference in Suzhou, China, on Thursday July 11th, 2019. He will emphasize that 247Solar’s entire 247Solar Plant™ can be manufactured in Chinese factories.

The conference organizers set the stage:

The global CSP market has achieved remarkable results in the past two years. The emerging solar thermal market represented by China, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates is gradually maturing, which has effectively promoted the cost reduction of CSP, affecting the future development of the solar thermal industry.

However, the future development of the CSP industry is facing severe challenges due to factors such as increasing instability and uncertainty, insufficient incentives of policies and insufficient participation of capital, increasing cost pressure from solar PV and wind power, commercialization acceleration of electric energy storage, etc.

Against this backdrop, Bruce will present 247Solar’s breakthrough next-generation CSP technology and detail plans to construct its first operational demonstration plant, this year, in Ouarzazate, Morocco, in collaboration with Masen, the Morocco Agency for Sustainable Energy.

Unlike large, custom-engineered, first-generation CSP projects, 247Solar™ Plants are standardized modules of 400 kW capacity, scalable from a single Plant off-grid to utility-scale farms of virtually unlimited capacity. 247Solar Plants use factory-made components, most of which can be manufactured locally, with few moving parts, for low maintenance and rapid, low-cost deployment.

“Successful demonstration of our technology will represent a turning point for CSP as a viable alternative to PV, and for the prospects for low-cost baseload solar power generation worldwide,” says Anderson. “We expect that a successful pilot will quickly lead to the adoption of our turnkey system in power projects of all sizes around the world.”

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