Combined Heat And Power (CHP) – Added Advantages

At distributed scale, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) versions of the 247Solar Plant can use waste heat to provide even greater superiority to PV. Waste heat from the 247Solar Plant’s turbine is captured simply by adding an air-to- air or air-to- water heat exchanger into its hot exhaust stream. From its 400 kWe basic model, the 247Solar CHP Plant produces 400 kWh of power each hour plus 1,500,000 Btu/hr of usable heat for a total system efficiency approaching 75%, compared with <18% for PV.

When deployed in small numbers near villages or industrial facilities, waste heat from 247Solar Plants can be used to:
  • Heat water or buildings
  • Drive absorption chilling systems for space cooling and/or refrigeration
  • Make steam to drive a variety of industrial processes
  • Dry crops
  • Purify or desalinate water
  • Heat algae ponds, etc.


The best ROI accrues in applications in which both the 247Solar Plant’s power and heat are used fully 24 hours per day. Additional ROI accrues where the Plant can reduce the off-taker’s monthly demand charges. In Arizona, USA, for example, large companies are charged about $12/mo. per kilowatt of peak demand during any 30-minute period during that month, or $144/kWe/yr. Because of PV’s intermittency problems, if the sun is not shining during the company’s peak power demand, if even for a few minutes during the peak, their PV system will not reduce their demand charges. On the other hand, because of its inherent ability to produce full power 24 hours a day, regardless of weather, the 247Solar Plant can reliably produce 400 kWe of peak demand reduction per month, a savings of $43,500/yr in this example.

Example Annual Cost Savings for a 247Solar CHP Plant customer
PV 247Solar Plant
Capacity: kWe 400 400
Capacity: Btu/hr (heat) 0 1,500,000
Total Annual Output: kWh/yr 525,600 2,628,000
Annual output: MBtu/yr (heat) 0 12,150
Annual Revenue: $/yr $52,600 $263,000
Annual value of heat @$5/MBtu: $/yr 0 67,500
Example demand charge, $/kWe/month 0 12
Annual value of demand charge savings: $/yr 0 43,500
Total annual value of energy produced: $/yr 52,600 351,000
Cost, fuel combustion, 1250 hr/yr: $/yr 0 (18,750)
Total annual energy value: $ 52,600 333,000
Land requirements ~1.5 hectares < 2 hectares
Power availability Sunshine only 24/7
Power availability Unpredictable Firm dispatchability

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