We share your vision of a sustainable world of low cost, abundant, clean energy.

We contribute to this vision by developing, licensing, and selling proprietary transformative solar systems and components for power projects throughout the world of various types and scale.

We do this through flexible win-win collaborations that are fulfilling to employees and partners and that offer exceptional returns to shareholders and project investors.

247Solar Inc. was formed in 2015 to commercialize technology invented by Wilson Solarpower Corp., a spinoff of MIT, and developed with funding support from the US Department of Energy.

Wilson Solarpower was formed in 2001 by MIT Professor David Gordon Wilson and Bruce N. Anderson, CEO, to develop and commercialize power technologies. The Company’s original focus was the development of a high-temperature, ultra-efficient ceramic heat exchanger and a high-temperature, ultra-efficient ceramic microturbine in collaboration with industrial partners such as Alcoa, Corning Glass, Praxair, Saint-Gobain, Wartsila and the French Petroleum Institute. Wilson’s microturbine and heat exchanger established the technical foundation for the Brayton cycle CSP system now being commercialized as the 247Solar Plant™.

247Solar, Inc. has signed agreements to develop and deploy its technology in China and South Africa, and is in advanced negotiations with companies throughout the world, including India, Northern Africa and the UAE.

247Solar Has a Deep Commitment To Solar

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