Power Developer Benefits


What we offer project developers is a low-risk, financeable, and rapidly-deployable turnkey clean power solution with 24/7 operation. If co-located with PV and wind installations, they stabilize the grid with on-demand power. Independently, they offer higher ROI/NPV than PV or wind for projects from 400 kW (~4 acres) to utility scale. Simple components with few moving parts means local talent can easily operate and maintain the system. 247Solar Inc. is offering power project developers the opportunity to deploy its 247Solar Plants™ in their projects.


  • Good profit margins on the sale of power from 247Solar Plants.
  • CAPEX per kilowatt-hour sold each year that’s lower than most forms of power, e.g., coal and photovoltaics.
  • Good cash flow.
  • Reduced risk of cost overruns.
  • Positioning to capture a large share of your electricity market.
  • Local branding rights.
  • High reliability, simple operation and maintenance.
  • Control of time-of- day power generation based on best electricity prices available.
Here is an example cash flow opportunity
CAPEX(assumes 100 MW, 300 247Solar Plants) $500,000,000
Annual revenue from power sales(assumes 13 cents/kWh, 8000 hours/yr, 800,000,000 kWh/yr) $104,000,000
O&M(assumes 1.5 cents/kWh) ($12,000,000)
Fuel Backup(~1500 hours @$5/MMBTU) ($7,500,000)
Net Annual Revenue $85,500,000
Annual Carrying Cost of CAPEX, 8% $40,000,000
Annual Profits $45,500,000

(100 MW power project, 250 247Solar Plants, each 333 kWe. It represents our best cost estimates. Example only, not an offer. US prices.)

Short, low risk project schedules

  • Minimal custom engineering.
  • Comparatively rapid project permitting, few environment challenges.
  • Relative ease of project financing, high reliability, mostly proven components.
  • Rapid deployment leading to short time-to- sale of power.
  • Required technical, construction, and operation expertise readily matches locally available talent.

Complete Support from 247Solar Inc.

  • Key proprietary components.
  • Complete fabrication and construction specifications and drawings for local sourcing.
  • Co-development of local suppliers for many components (in many cases, >50% of total project costs).
  • Co-engineering your power project.
  • Thorough technical and operational training.
  • Optional power project monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Optional parts and service contracts.

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