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Percentage of 247Solar Plants manufacturable locally

One of the advantages of 247Solar Plants is that many of the components already are being made locally. Examples include the container for the 247Solar Thermal Energy Storage, typically steel, and the storage medium, typically fire brick. In addition, towers, blowers, piping, and dampers may currently be fabricated locally. In addition, many countries are equipped to fabricate the metal parts of 247Solar Receivers and of the heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors). And, of course, all of the Balance of Plant (BOP) and site work is done locally. In certain large markets, over time all of the components can, in theory, be made locally.

Why does this matter? In most cases, local supply means lower system costs and more jobs. In some cases local manufacturing may also lead to export opportunities.

This table summarizes the opportunity to manufacture locally.

Component Immediate Near Term % of Total Cost
247Solar Power Block 16%
Heliostats (Solar field) 25%
247Solar Receiver 6%
247Solar Heat Exchanger 4%
247Solar Thermal Energy Storage 21%
Pipes 6%
Valves/Dampers 2%
Blower 4%
Bottoming cycle (ORC) 3%
Tower 3%
Balance of Plant and site work 11%
Manufacturable in India 65-77% 100% 100%
Made locally     Not made locally

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