Frequently Asked Questions

247Solar Plants™ promise lower CAPEX for each kilowatt-hour of power produced per year than all other forms of 24/7 clean power generation. Because they have few moving parts and use no water for operations or molten salts, O&M costs are relatively minimal. Where feasible, surplus power and up to 1.6M BTU of exhaust heat can be used for industrial processes or to supply nearby communities, providing an additional revenue stream.

247Solar Plants are the lowest-cost way of achieving uninterruptible power from clean energy every hour of the year.

247Solar Plants use mostly proven technologies with few moving parts. Our proprietary components are based on existing technologies that have been extensively proven in other applications. Our Commercial Demonstrator, currently under construction in Morocco and scheduled to be online in mid-2020, will demonstrate the full functionality of our system and establish benchmarks for performance.

Like all concentrated solar power (CSP) solutions, 247Solar Plants will perform best in areas with high direct normal irradiation (DNI >1500). 247Solar uses detailed and rigorous assessment and modelling tools coupled with the best possible local meteorological data from NASA and other sources to closely estimate performance at specific locations.

247Solar Plants are modular. Each Plant of 400kWe capacity occupies roughly 4 acres (~1.6 hectares). They can be combined to create installations of any capacity. Total land requirement varies by the total power output desired.

Due to their modular design, the first 400kW Plant typically can begin supplying power in 6-8 months from the time of confirmed order, with completion of 10MW in 12-15 months.

247Solar Plants have few moving parts requiring maintenance. Our off-the-shelf turbines require only 4-6 hours of maintenance per year. Because our systems are modular, downtime of any installation using more than one Plant can be zero, because other Plants can continue to operate while any one is being serviced.

If desired, we can provide a turnkey, plug-and-play project. Alternatively, 247Solar can provide certain proprietary components directly. Others are supplied by third-party manufacturers. We consult with your EPC to assist them in assembling, installing and commissioning completed systems. If desired, we can provide an EPC for your project.

Because our plants are modular, they can be constructed in increments of 400kWe, over time. This enables capital expenditures to be spread over several years and allows for phased financing in many cases.

247Solar has a global supply chain. Our components are manufactured in a variety of countries. Due to the simplicity and off-the-shelf nature of most components, up to 50% of the cost of the system can be directed to sufficiently developed local economies for job creation.

Yes. 247Solar works with your EPC to facilitate logistics. Most components are delivered tested and operation-ready where they are quickly assembled.

Yes. All installations are accompanied by a service and training agreement. Specifics of each agreement will vary, depending on the availability and skills of local resources, the amount of support desired, and other factors.

For systems < 5 MW, no on-site operators are required. Systems are remotely monitored for performance, maintenance, and repair. Primary O&M is the washing of the mirrors, approximately 2-4 times per month. Turbines require 4-6 hours/yr. of routine maintenance. Various points of routine inspection are required monthly.

Yes. 247Solar Plants integrate well with PV, batteries, and diesel gensets to add capacity and/or eliminate intermittency. They complement, or eliminate, the need for diesel gensets, as our turbines can burn a variety of fuels to provide power when thermal storage is depleted.

The 247Solar Thermal Storage System™ stores up to 15 hours of the sun’s energy for use at night or during inclement weather. The turbines can be configured to burn a variety of liquid or gaseous fuels, even diesel and biofuels.

5MW requires 13 individual 247Solar Plants of 400kW each. The likelihood of more than one plant being down at any given time is small. If full 5MW capacity is required at all times, a 14th Plant would provide all the redundancy that is needed.

247Solar Plants can be deployed on uneven ground. Brush and boulders would need to be removed from the area of the heliostat field(s) and some smoothing of terrain may be required. Water accumulation should be prevented by appropriate drainage.