The advantages to our technology goes beyond cost savings and efficiency. We have a strong and proven infrastructure that is here to support partners in their deployments.

  • Provides 24/7 profitable and reliable power, initial targeted costs will be competitive with intermittent renewable sources such as photovoltaics (PV) and wind and, ultimately, we are targeting costs that are competitive with all forms of new power generation, whether fossil, nuclear, or renewable. To 247Solar’s knowledge, this is the sole near-zero- emissions 24/7 power solution that is targeting these competitive costs.
  • Some MIT technology; US DOE invested $5 million in its development.
  • Cheaper to build than PV: $0.75 investment for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) generated per year vs $1.00/kWh/yr for PV (assuming $1500/kWe).
  • Less land required than for PV: 1.25 acres/GWh generated per year vs ~3 acres/GWh/yr for PV.
  • Offers profitable, high-value power, including the option of generating during periods of high power costs and avoiding generation during periods of lower value.
  • Can operate up to 24 hours per day, up to 365 days per year with little maintenance, few if any on-site operators, and high reliability.
  • Has few environmental concerns, similar to large PV plants, e.g., has a light touch on the land and near-zero water use.
  • Deployable on-grid or off-grid at village/industry/mine scale (distributed power) to mega-central power plant scale. At smaller scales, the Plant’s waste heat can be used for a wide variety of high-value purposes such as industrial processes, water purification, crop refrigeration, etc..
  • Co-location with PV farms and wind farms can convert the entire facility from intermittent power to 24/7, firmly reliable and dispatchable systems. The result could be higher average power prices for the project owner.

247Solar is a Game-changing Power Industry Solution

  • Low CAPEX and O&M costs offer highly profitable power generation.
  • In particular, the Plants offer the first competitive, clean-energy, baseload (24/7) alternative to conventional power generation.
  • The Plants avoid or overcome nearly all key challenges facing the widespread deployment of low- emissions power generation, whether wind, PV, hydro, geothermal, or CSP.
  • Standardized, factory-produced components offer lower costs with production volume, high quality control, short project schedules, and bankable risk.

A Simple System and Proven Components

  • 247Solar Plants are simple, low-pressure- air systems (i.e., no water/steam, salts, or oils).
  • Few moving parts: turbines, blowers, and heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors).
  • Mostly commercially proven components with high reliability and low maintenance requirements.
  • 247Solar’s breakthrough, highly proprietary 247Solar Receiver™ has no moving parts and is a scaled up and simplified version of a proven German design.
  • The 247Solar Thermal Energy Storage™ is a scaled down version of proven 100+ year high-recovery technology used in the steel industry. It has no moving parts, heat exchangers, or chemicals (e.g., molten salts). Its costs are a fraction of the cost of batteries (10-15%).

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