247Solar Plants™

Conventional Power Generation - Up to Utility Scale

247Solar Plants support power project sizes ranging from 400 kWe (~4 acres) to large central power plants of virtually unlimited capacity. They are deployable on uneven ground and use no water/steam, molten salts or oils to minimize environmental impact and streamline permitting. With capacity factors approaching 100%, 247Solar Plants offer predictable and stable electricity prices over time, without the need for backup facilities. Because all 247Solar components are pre-engineered and factory-produced, projects are low-risk and financeable, and project cycles are short.

Unique Advantages

  • Turnkey Systems: 247Solar Plants are pre-engineered modules that use mostly proven technologies for higher reliability, lower technical risk, and easier financing.
  • Off-the-Shelf Components: 247Solar Plants use standardized, mass-produced components that require minimal custom engineering, allowing for rapid site assembly, shorter project cycles and lower component costs with volume.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple components, proven technologies, and few moving parts mean high reliability and low maintenance. No on-site operators are required, and local talent can easily operate and maintain the system.

Industrial Applications

Mining Industry: 247Solar Plants can be adapted to the unique requirements of mining projects throughout the world, particularly in areas of high Direct Natural Irradiation (DNI). Learn more

Combined Heat & Power: 247Solar Plants can provide both power and up to 1.6 million BTU of industrial-grade heat for a variety of industrial and commercial applications Learn more

Alternative to Gas Peakers and Batteries

Unlike PV and wind, 247Solar Plants operate instantaneously, day or night, delivering power as needed, not just when the sun shines or the wind blows. The responsiveness of 247Solar Plants to grid voltage and frequency fluctuations rivals that of batteries, making them the natural, lower-cost alternative to gas peakers and batteries to fill in when PV and wind can’t.

Economic Development

Individual or multiple 247Solar Plants of 400 kWe each can be located as off-grid power plants near villages, or interconnected into standalone mini-grids. Mini-grids can be connected to each other, or to larger networks, at any time. Capacity can be increased as gradually or as rapidly as demand requires. At the site of each plant, up to 1.6 million Btu/hr. of exhaust heat can be harnessed for water purification, crop refrigeration (using absorption chilling), crop drying, or emerging industrial development.

Solutions At Any Scale

One of the major advantages of 247Solar Plants is that they can be deployed as a single, standalone Plant for distributed solar power generation; or, like PV and wind, as dozens or 100s of Plants as central power “farms”; as well as power project sizes between these two extremes.

• Industrial/commercial companies, substations, military bases, islands, villages, landfills, brownfields, oil/gas fields

• On-grid or off-grid/micro-grid

• Grid start or black start

• 1,500,000 Btu/hr of useful waste heat, e.g., for heat, cooling, water purification/desalination, crop drying, etc.

• Towns, communities, developments, mines

• Convert PV, wind farms from intermittancy to firm dispatchability by filling in during low sun or low wind conditions.

• Central Power